2014 Conference of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
June 28-July 1, Atlanta

Student Skills: Using iPads for Learning (abstract)
By Jeungah Kim, EdD Candidate in the School of Education

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the student skills needed to use iPads for learning based on findings from mobile technology workshops.

In the end of Fall 2012, I was involved in a journalism pilot project, called PamojaTogether. The overarching aim of this PamojaTogether was to provide a chance for students in developing and developed countries to collaborate, develop, and disseminate foreign aid stories which can inspire world-wide audiences. The team also hoped to enhance the public awareness of the importance of aid through those stories.

To enable students to create their media stories, the PamojaTogether team provided iPads and workshops for the Kenyan students. The iPad has a longer battery life compare to a laptop computer. Also, using versatile and portable iPads and diverse mobile applications, students can easily carry them to villages to write notes, take photos, and record audio to develop their multimedia stories. My role in this project was providing mobile workshops for Kenyan undergraduate students to prepare them with appropriate skills to use iPads to create their multimedia stories.


The aim of this study is to present (1) necessary skills to use iPads for learning and (2) useful mobile applications for educational purpose. These skills and applications were identified in the mobile workshops. The detailed questions that this study answers are:

  • Which technological skills students need to use iPads?
  • Which media skills students need to use iPads for learning?
  • Which iPads apps were used to develop digital stories?