Pulitzer Fellow Stories

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting has been hosting Student Fellows from Boston University since 2011. The fellowships are a centerpiece of Boston University’s Program on Crisis Response and Reporting, providing an opportunity for students studying journalism and public health to work at the Pulitzer Center Headquarters in Washington, DC.  Fellows undertake an international reporting trip on a topic of their choosing, while being mentored by Pulitzer journalists who assist them with conceptualizing and honing stories and helping them find publishers.  Some of the following stories deal with the role of foreign assistance more explicitly than others, but it is a common subtext across all.

Paying the Poor: Cash Transfer Programs in Malawi

by Kerstin Egenhoffer (SPH 2014)

Kersten v.2Providing cash grants to ultra-poor households in Malawi allows vulnerable families to keep their children in school, invest in small businesses, and work toward a more prosperous future. more

Vurmese Brides along the Chinese Border

by Lusha Chen

Lusha v.2Burmese women are offered $3,500 to marry a Chinese man. Many of these deals turn into human trafficking cases. However, life as a Burmese bride in China often remains better than the alternative. more

All-China Women’s Federation features story on Lusha’s fellowship with the Pulitzer Center

by Li Qiong

Chen Lusha, a Chinese international student studying journalism at Boston University, won one of 24 Pulitzer Center international reporting fellowships. The road leading up to the fellowship was rocky, but with half a year of studying medical knowledge, half a year of volunteering for UNICEF, a reporting plan with solid stories and an outline on doing international reports eventually won Chen the fellowship. more

Changing Waters: Cholera Permeates Life in Haiti

by Meghan Dhaliwal and Jason Hayes
Meghan   Jason

Cholera is still pervasive in Haiti, a country who suffered an outbreak of cholera two years back. Cholera has claimed 7,000 Haitian lives. There are concerns that the services being done provide only a quick fix. more

Nepal: Married Before They’re Ready

by Anna Tomasulo

Adolescent marriage in Nepal negatively impacts the young husband and wife as they begin families while still children themselves. There are challenges faced by organizations trying to intervene in the cycle of poverty perpetuated by child marriage. more

Other Stories by our Reporting Fellows


The End of the Road

by Elizabeth Daube


Despite global praise for Burma’s democratic reforms, the country hasn’t resolved its decades-long legacy of ethnic persecution. Burma’s refugees fear what will happen to them next. To learn more, American Jewish World Service’s and former PamojaTogether Fellow Elizabeth Daube interviewed refugees living along the Thailand-Burma border. more

Expanding Access to Health Care, Despite Cuts to Foreign Aid

by Laura Hanson

Laura Hanson
As countries like Namibia, Vietnam, India and others have transitioned from a ‘low’ to ‘middle-income’ country status, they have also experienced startling cuts in international assistance. While these resources are being re-directed to areas in greater need of financial aid, severe income inequality, unemployment and poor health outcomes persist in these countries. more

Life on $3 a Day: Garment Workers and Cambodia’s Struggle for Human Rights

by Elizabeth Daube

American Jewish World Service (AJWS), a global nonprofit organization that supports grassroots groups working to end poverty and human rights violations in the developing world, sent Daube to Cambodia to interview the young women of Workers Information Center. more