We found these materials helpful for our particular project.

(Caveat: this is by no means a comprehensive list of what is available on these topics).

  1. International Aid: Who is giving money to Who, and Why?
  2. International Aid: The pros and cons of foreign aid
  3. Public Health
  4. The Business of Aid
  5. Communicating for Social Impa
  6. Recommended Books
  7. Gender and development in Africa: Roundup of recent research

1. International Aid:Who is giving money to Who, and Why?

“Foreign Aid for Development Assistance”on Global Issues Blog
– Broad overview of the history of international aid

“Foreign Assistance Dashboard” on Foreignassistance.gov
– How much is going where?

“Foreign Aid 101” on Oxfam
– A quick guide to understanding U.S. foreign aid

“Time to Listen” CDA Collaborative
– Stories of people living in societies that have been recipients of foreign aid

Review of the “Time to Listen” project on Oxfam
– What one of the largest aid organization in the world thinks of CDA’s critique on aid

“Some Facts on Foreign Aid” on Conversable Economist
– A graphic puts U.S. aid spending in perspective

2. International Aid:The pros and cons of foreign aid

“Investigation Finds No Accounting for $40 Million in Aid to Guatemala” on PND
– Article on lack of transparency of aid to Guatemala

“Learning from Failure” on NY Times
– Talking about the failures of foreign aid will actually strengthen the field

“21st Century Aid: Recognizing Success and Tackling Failure” on OXFAM
– An argument in support of foreign aid’s effectiveness

“Foreign Aid to Local NGOs: Good Intentions, Bad Policy” on MinnPost
– Giving aid to local NGOs can produce unintended consequences

“The White Savior Industrial Complex” on The Atlantic
– Teju Cole writes about the importance of consulting with those you aim to help

“Troubled Water” on Frontline
– The story of the failure of a Gates-funded water pump project in East Africa

“A Global Shift in Foreign Aid, Starting in India” on NY Times India Ink blog
– India is an emerging economy. Does it still deserve aid? Britain says no.

“Why Africa Still Needs Aid” on CNN
– Some African economies are improving, but they still need aid

“Bill Gates’ Annual Letter, 2013” on Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
– The founder of one of the largest private U.S. aid organizations talks about their work in Africa

3. Public Health:Health initiatives in kenya and beyond

“Gavi Alliance: Kenya” on GAVI Alliance
– How one organization’s efforts to vaccinate in Kenya have affected people’s lives

“The Problem of Cheap Water (Fixes)” on Humanosphere
– Bringing cheap, clean water to an area isn’t as easy as you might think

4. The Business of Aid:Economics and evaluation methods

“Old Problems, New Solutions: Harnessing Technology and Innovation in the Fight Against Global Poverty” on Brookings Institute
– A collection of briefs on technology’s role in international development

“In Kenya, Turning Savannah into Gold” on The Boston Globe
– Property development is changing the rural Kenyan landscape

“Carbon for Water? Now How Does that Work?” on The Water Project
– A Swiss company is bringing filtered water to Kenya – and hoping to make some money at the same time

“Upwardly Mobile Africa: Boomtown Slum” on The Economist
– Everday life and business in Africa’s biggest shantytown: Kibera, Kenya

“My Plan to Fix the World’s Biggest Problems” on Wall Street Journal
– Bill Gates on the importance of good measurement and data

“When Will We Ever Learn? Improving Lives Through Impact Evaluation” on Center for Global Development
– Good evaluations could transform the impact of aid

“Learning to Compete: Is Small Beautiful? Small Enterprise, Aid, and Employment in Africa” on The Brookings Institute
– A critical look at microloans

“Bad Charity? (All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!)” on TIME
– Donating t-shirts to Africa had an unexpected negative effect on the local economy

“Africa’s Amazing Rise and What It Can Teach the World” on The Atlantic
– An optimistic view on how natural resources and technology have improved living standards in Africa

5. Social Impact Reporting:How to report on Aid and Africa

“How Should the Media Cover Africa?” on The Atlantic
– A conversation between NYT columnist Nick Kristof and Teju Cole about how Western media portrays Africa

“A Reporter’s Guide to U.S. Global Health Policy” on Kaiser Family Foundation
– Information on global health issues made specifically for journalists

“Communicating for Social Impact” on Forbes
– How the Gates Foundations communicates about its development work

“The Latest Trend in the Fight Against Poverty and Inequity: Good News!” on Humanosphere
– Telling “good” stories is the new trend in the development community

“Rajiv Shah: A Business-Like Approach to Foreign Aid” on Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
– A strong example of how to ask tough questions of the head of a major aid organization

“Tiny Spark” on PRX
– A well-done series of audio interviews by producer Amy Costello exploring the complexities behind “the business of doing good”

“Whites in Shining Armor” on Good Intentions Are Not Enough blog
– Many articles about crises focus on foreign “saviors” versus the work of locals

“Looking Beyond Kony” on Columbia Journalism Review
– Journalism about Africa needs to be less sensationalist

“How Not to Write About Africa” on Foreign Policy
– The media ignores Africa…until something horrible and violent happens

“Don’t Try This Abroad: Nick Kristof is Wrong. Amateurs Are Not the Future of Foreign Aid.” on Foreign Policy
– Are warm and fuzzy stories about American “DIY aid” projects doing more harm than good?

“The Observer: Our Image of Africa Is Hopelessly Obsolete” on The Guardian
– The West has yet to adequately acknowledge Africa’s “progress”

6. Recommended Books:For students traveling to Kenya

A Grain of Wheat by Ngugi Wa Thingo (1967)
– A beautiful novel on how British colonialism affected both Kenyan individuals and the nation

Lonely Planet: Kenya by Stuart Butler, Anthony Ham, and Dean Starnes (2012)
– Background information on Kenya’s history, culture, environment, and tourism

Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire (1970)
– Influential book on education as cultural action (we recommend the Introduction and Chapter 1)

The Culture and Politics of Modern Kenya by Angelique Haugerad (1993)
– Analysis of postcolonial Kenya (we recommend Chapter 3, “Open Secrets: Everyday Forms of Domination before 1993”)

7. Gender and development in Africa: Roundup of recent research by Alexandra Raphel