Looking for some unique top level domains or TLDs that will make your search for the perfect domain name easier? Here are 10 top level domains you didn’t know existed!

Top level domain names or also known as domain extensions are important when choosing a domain name for your future online project (website, blog or online store). But you might be wondering what are the types of domain? Well, the domain name extensions are .com, .net, and any domain name extension you type after the domain in the little search browser bar. However, did you know that there are hundreds and hundreds of top level domains out there?

If you check out the list of top level domains, you will notice that not all of them make sense for your website name, blog, online store or brand. However, you would be surprised to see some top level domains that perfectly suit the domain name you want to use.

If you are looking for some unique top level domains or TLDs that will make your search for the perfect domain name easier, here are 10 TLDs you didn’t know existed:

  1. .DAD: Let’s face it – every dad should have his own top level domain. We think that this domain extension could be an ideal gift for your tech-savvy dads or maybe for your blog dedicated to fathers.
  2. .HORSE: Another strange and yet unique domain name extension. Again, this could be a great domain extension if your blog is for animals (or more specifically for horses) or for your online store selling horse food, horse riding clothing or accessories.
  3. .BEER: If you are creating a beer-related website or simply you are looking for a fun domain for your brewery, this could be a great domain for any beer brand.
  4. .KIM: If your last name is Kim or if you a Kardashian fan, you may prefer this top-level domain for your online project. If your name is Kim and you are running a personal blog or website, here is the perfect domain extension you may use. There isn’t a lot of use of this top-level domain besides having a personal domain name, however, you have to admit that it is pretty cool.
  5. .ING: Here is one perfect example of a domain name extension that can turn your static domain into a unique verb. If you want to transform your domain name, give this one a try.
  1. .NINJA: If you want to showcase your martial art tutorials and videos on your website or martial art online studio, this could be a unique domain to try out.
  2. .LUXURY: If you are running a luxury online brand, there is no better way to communicate and share your quality and value. This is definitely the perfect top level domain for you to use for your website. Adding .luxury to the end of the domain is what your brand needs!
  3. .PINK: This popular top level domain can be used for all kinds of purposes, for jewelry online store, for organizations, for clothing stores, for letting everyone knows which color is your favorite, and etc. You can try a few combinations and see if this domain name extension suits your domain and brand name.
  4. .GURU: If you are beyond qualified and experiences in your business filed and you want to share that with the world, adding .guru is the best way to do it. This domain extension is perfect for your cooking business, fitness or healthy lifestyle blog, and etc.
  5. .XYZ: We cannot think of an example where this domain extension can be used effectively, however, it is unique and a fun one.
The domain name is something you will be building your online business around.
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